Safia Essien

Assistant Vice President of Education

Safia is a 4th year Ph.D candidate in the Department of Genetics at MD Anderson UTHealth GSBS. She is in the Genetics and Epigenetics program using zebrafish as a model system to study apoptosis-induced proliferation in zebrafish epithelial stem cells. Safia’s work aims to understand what types of signals dying cells emit to stimulate their replacement. Her work has important implications in the treatment of cancer because not much is understood about the activity of dying cancer cells after chemotherapy. Before starting graduate school, Safia received a B.S. in Biotechnology from the University of Houston. Outside of lab, Safia is the President of First-Generation Student Group, and a Coordinator for GSBS Community Outreach. In her free time, Safia enjoys netflix, crocheting, and trying new recipes.

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