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2021 Executive Team Applications

Leadership experience and interest in consulting are vital for securing interviews at consulting firms and ultimately landing a job offer. Joining the Executive Team at the CCTMC is a great way to demonstrate both.

We are looking for self-starting, resourceful, and highly motivated candidates to join our executive team. We need people with big ideas who are willing to dedicate the time to help the club grow and improve. No prior business experience is necessary to secure a position, but candidates must be serious about pursuing a career in management consulting.

Below is a description of the Executive Team positions and the responsibilities of each division.

All members of the executive team are expected to work closely with other team members, be present at most club events, and represent the organization well. We are looking for people who are eager to volunteer their personal time to help the TMC PhD and MD community, and have ideas for potential future projects for their division of interest.

How to Apply

To apply, prepare a 1-page business resume and complete the application form at:


Resumes can be uploaded at the end of the form.

Applications close on December 4, 2020, 11:59 PM, so apply now!

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