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Featured Speakers

CCTMC invites speakers with expertise in consulting and advantaged degrees . Check out some of our featured speakers from past workshops.

Cheryl Jiang.webp

Cheryl Jiang

Incoming Associate at McKinsey

Senior Advisor at CCTMC

Nguyen, Quynh.193960.GSBS2.jpg

Quynh Nguyen

PhD Candidate at BCM
Formal VP at CCTMC

amber devries.jpeg

Amber DeVries

Senior Life Sciences Specialist at L.E.K. Consulting

Ph.D. in Bioinformatics / Genetics

Matea .jpg

Matea Paveskovic

Incoming Consultant at Bain

Senior Advisor at CCTMC


Peter K.

Professional Consulting Coach

ex-Consultant at McKinsey and L.E.K

Vanessa Osman.jpeg

Vanessa Osman

Consultant | IQVIA
Ph.D. in Pharmacology

Elizabeth Orth-He.jpeg

Elizabeth Orth-He

Associate at McKinsey

matthew dysthe.jpeg

Matthew Dysthe

PhD Candidate at BCM
Formal Senior VP at CCTMC

Parinaz Emami.jpeg

Parinaz Emami

Strategy Consultant at IQVIA
Ph. D. at Chemical Engineering

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