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The TMC Consulting Agency is a client focused services firm that is a part of the Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center. The agency offers consulting services to its clients.


We aim to deliver high-quality analytical services by leveraging the well-trained analytical skills in 600+ active club members comprising of PhD students, medical students, postdocs and residents from nearly every institution at the Texas Medical Center.

The Consulting Agency was established to provide students with the opportunity to apply their business skills and gain real-world experience in consulting. 

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Competitive landscape analysis 

Analyzing potential investment opportunities


Pricing analysis

Business plan design 

Profitability issues


Market sizing for new technologies and innovations 

Customer analysis and retention


Creating slide decks for investor pitch

Marketing strategy analysis and design


  • Teams are composed of 5-6 consultants led by a project manager.

  • Teams can split into working groups to work simultaneously if multiple aims are required for the project.

  • Each consultant dedicates 5-10 hours on the project per week.

  • Consultants are selected by a rigorous application process from our candidate pool of members based on there key criteria: expertise, interest, and availability.

  • Projects last anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 months depending on scope and depth of the project. 


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Carrie Horazeck, Head of Commerical Development of Parasanti

Working with CCTMC was an incredibly valuable experience for Parasanti. The team was professional and engaged and hit the market of our ask. It was the best market research money we have ever spent.


Josh Rabinowitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Articulate Labs

The Consulting Club at Texas Medical Center conducted solid, sensible research on our behalf into medical device pricing, expected product uptake, and potential revenue estimates from reimbursement. They were professional, prompt, were happy to dig into follow-up questions/projects, and always backed up conclusions with math and citations. Our company benefited from their involvement and I’d recommend their services to any other early-stage medical company seeking help with their business model.

Brian Wilson, VP of Business Development of OrthoPress Inc.

As a new medical device startup, there are a ton of both customer unknowns and regulatory unknowns, that absolutely require experience, knowledge, and foresight to be able to navigate, and I can't think of a better resource than Texas Medical Center Consulting Club. They provided incredibly valuable insight and allowed us to get to market much faster than if we had set out to do everything in house. Can't recommend enough.

Upendra Marathi, CEO of 7 Hills Pharma

I recommend the Consulting Agency! As PhD level life science graduate students, they quickly assessed two markets for an emerging immunotherapy. The multidisciplinary team with substantive domain insights was quickly assembled, and assessed current and emerging drug products for the treatment of PD-1 resistant solid tumors, and vaccines geriatric influenza vaccination. Indeed a timely and responsive analyses that has been useful for fundraising and competitive intelligence.

Are you interested in using our client services? Contact us for more details. 

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