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Hear from each division about their plans for the year


We exist to help students at the Texas Medical Center transition into consulting careers and help the TMC community in the process. In 2021, we’ve offered 15+ free workshops with 900+ attendees from across America and we’ve begun partnering with Consulting Clubs from UT Southwestern, Duke, UMass, and Johns Hopkins to expand our network and improve our offerings. Our in-house Consulting Agency has also been hard at work serving a variety of clients locally and in other cities in the greater southwest.


As the year comes to a close, we are planning on new ways to expand and serve our member base and the TMC community at large. We aim to provide more opportunities for leadership, better training workshops and resources, and more ways to network with consultants from the world’s largest firms.


We want to produce the best advanced-degree consulting candidates in America, and we need talented people who are committed to achieving this same goal. Come and build with us!


Carlo Cristobal



Mayuri Patel


Vice President

Safia Essen 


Assistant Vice President

The Education & Events division of the Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center strives to provide members with resources to develop skills that are necessary for a successful consulting career. As we wrap up this year, we have launched a 3-part Transferable Skills Series focusing on effective verbal communication and basics of project management. We believe these skills are indispensable to landing a consulting offer but are equally important in many other career choices. In our upcoming third session, Samir Kapur, partner and managing director of Boston Consulting Group, will have a candid discussion about the skills required for the consulting job and his insights along his journey from consultant to partner.


Our division is constantly seeking highly motivated students who want to create educational opportunities for other members while honing their own skills. Contact the CCTMC Executive Team if you are interested in joining our efforts!


James Liman 

Vice President

Ye Zhu

Assistant Vice President

Teams from the Consulting Agency have recently concluded two projects: a market landscape analysis for an edge computing startup and a business strategy development for a local entertainment company. Each team consists of 6 consultants led by an experienced project manager.


Typically, each consultant devoted 5-10 hours per week for the duration of the project. If you are interested in this type of real-world consulting experience, here is good news! The next cycle of projects is approaching! Don’t hesitate to join us as a training member of the club and apply to be one of the consultants for our upcoming projects!

The Finance & Operations Division is responsible for both financial aspects of the CCTMC as well as logistics supporting all our divisions. We handle all financial businesses for the organization and ensure that our training members are gaining the most value for their investment in both us and themselves. We regularly communicate with our members on current and future events through marketing campaigns as well as coordinating logistics with other divisions. 

We are excited about the launch of our quarterly publication, and believe that there are multiple avenues for our members to engage in the creation of new content. Examples include the opportunity to research and develop insights into emerging trends in various industries and have their work featured in an edition of the quarterly publication, or sit-in on an interview with a current or former consultant to hear firsthand about the career.


Oscar Truong

Vice President

Matt Dysthe

Assistant Vice President

If you are a member interested in engaging with any CCTMC division, please fill out this form. Engagement opportunities range from division and time of year but we are always excited to incorporate our members into opportunities that help grow our organization! 

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