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Thank you for you interest in the client services offered by the TMC Consulting Club. We currently have a consulting opportunity with Orthopress. 

CLIENT: The client invented a medical device called, OrthoPress, which helps stretch the affected finger joint with therapeutic forces. The customizable design lets practitioners quickly fit the device to the specific anatomy of the patient, and the easy-to-use adjustment mechanism lets the patient maintain comfort and compliance throughout treatment

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The client has reached out CC@TMC seeking help with the best route to enter the market. Consequently, we are looking for candidates who want to have experience in the following:

1) Market entry strategy
2) Pricing analysis

TIMELINE: This is a 6-week project starting August 19th, 2019 (please confirm your availability). It includes 2 weeks of pre-project activities (briefing and strategizing) and 4 weeks of analysis and developing recommendations for the client. It requires each consultant to commit 10 hours per week (maybe more depending on the workload). There will be regular weekly team meetings and three conference calls with the client to ask questions and update them with our plan of action.

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