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Hear from each division about their plans for the year


We have recruited an outstanding executive team for 2022 with many exciting projects underway. Our mission has always been to serve our members by being a central resource for advanced degree candidates in academia seeking to enter a career in consulting. To this end, we have curated many educational events, networking sessions, leadership opportunities, and real experiences in management consulting for our members. This year, we have an exciting array of programs launching, ranging from case focused preparation, to community outreach and networking. We strive to offer value for members of all experience levels with a goal of preparing the best candidates for consulting. 


Our Externals division has entered a historic collaboration with the consulting clubs of Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill to host a joint Duke-UNC-TMC Case Competition, which is set to be one of the largest graduate case competitions in the nation! The CCTMC recently created a new division - Community! This underscores our priorities of engaging our members through networking and community engagement. Additionally, we hope you will find value in the many offerings that our Education team has scheduled this year that range from business basics, to advanced case walkthroughs with current consultants. Real-life consulting experiences are one of the most important aspects in preparing for a career in consulting. To this end, our Agency and Business Development divisions have been working hard to secure contracts and engagements with a goal of 12 projects in the pipeline or planned for 2022, while continuously expanding into diverse industries. Finally, our Finance and Marketing teams have many exciting initiatives including the expansion of our quarterly newsletter, the CCTMC Connect, as well as establishing long term partnerships with consultancies. We are always looking for highly motivated, driven, and passionate individuals to join our team! Join us and build your career in consulting!


Mayuri Patel, President 

Oscar Truong, Senior Vice President

Matt Dysthe, Senior Vice President


Mayuri Patel



Oscar Truong

Senior Vice President


Matt Dysthe

Senior Vice President

Qian, Xinye.203092_edited.jpg

Xinye Qian

Vice President


The External Division’s preparations for CCTMC’s 2022 Case Competition are in full swing! This year, we entered a historic collaboration with the graduate consulting clubs of Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill, and are organizing CCTMC’s largest case competition to date!. The Duke-UNC-TMC National Case Competition is expected to have a significantly larger number of teams as well as the number of expert judges compared to previous years. In fact, the competition judge panel now includes more than 40 experienced consultants from premier consulting firms, including McKinsey & Company, BCG, Bain & Company, L.E.K., ClearView Healthcare Partners, and many others. Triangle Insights, a consulting firm based out of North Carolina is providing this year’s case prompt and has offered a compelling prize to the winners - a first-round interview for a full-time position with the firm!


Lauren Cheng

 Vice President




The Community Division is the newest division, and our aspiration is that our division can become the hub wherein our members connect with one another, and we can connect our members with consultants and resources. This year we launched CASE CAMP, a case practice and resource sharing platform aiming to provide convenience, and connection, to anyone who wants to learn and prepare for consulting case interviews. In addition, we will organize virtual and in-person networking events to bring in consultants from various firms to share their experiences. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming events!


Ye Zhu

Vice President


The Agency has successfully staffed and trained members for three projects: competitive landscape analysis for an educational streaming platform company; comprehensive market landscape analysis for a physician companion technology startup; and advising a client on the best licensing path for acoustic monitoring IP. Each team consists of 5-6 consultants led by an experienced project manager. The three projects have been progressing and will be concluded in early April. We will be recruiting for more client-facing projects in the summer. Please join us if you want to experience what it’s like to be a real consultant!


The Education division strives to provide members with resources to develop skills that are necessary for a successful consulting career.

Currently, we are launching a 3-part Break-into-Consulting Series focusing on application preparation, communication skills, and a guest coffee chat. In April, we will launch a 6-part Case Training Series to further prepare you for a consulting career. In May, we will provide many opportunities to listen to valuable experiences from current consultants. More events are under preparation for later this year.

Our division is constantly seeking highly motivated students who want to create educational opportunities for other members while honing their own skills. Contact the CCTMC Executive Team if you are interested in joining our efforts!


Faye Jiang

Vice President

CCTMC has been engaging with several exciting new clients for Agency projects. We have set out to strike a balance between local organizations, science-based startup companies, established small businesses, and everything in between. Over the next year, we plan to set up 12 different projects for members to work on and gain real experience working as a consultant!

If you want to work on agency projects with us or know a company that would benefit from a CCTMC project, please reach out!

Business Development
Paveskovic, Matea copy_edited_edited.jpg

Matea Paveskovic

Vice President

Finance & Marketing
IMG_6363 2_edited.jpg

Cheryl Jiang

Vice President


The Finance & Marketing Division is responsible for both financial aspects of the CCTMC as well as for sharing information with our members about our newest events. We handle all financial businesses for the organization and ensure that our training members are gaining the most value for their investment in both us and themselves. We regularly communicate with our members on current and future events through our weekly Monday emails. In addition, this year we are launching a sponsorship campaign with the hopes of acquiring a sponsoring partnership with local consulting firms.

We are excited to share this quarterly publication with our members, which includes one of our past members who just recently received an offer from BCG! The CCTMC Connect will also feature an informational article that can help you prepare for our upcoming case competition, and an exciting crossword that you can fill in to enter our raffle!



If you are a member interested in engaging with any CCTMC division, please fill out this form. Engagement opportunities range from division and time of year but we are always excited to incorporate our members into opportunities that help grow our organization! 

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