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Hear from each division about their updates from the past quarter


The first half of this year has resulted in a number of accomplishments team-wide that we are proud to share in this issue. We have empowered our members with educational events over the past few months, ranging from case workshops to application-specific workshops to better prepare them for this cycle. Moreover, we have completed 3 agency projects, 3 currently ongoing, with an additional 3 projects planned for Q4. These events are key to the success of our members, and we continue to strive to ensure our members are equipped with consulting opportunities.

In addition we are also excited to announce that we have published our 2022 CCTMC Caseguide, which is written by multiple executive team members and consulting offer holders. 


Our Externals division successfully held a joint Duke-UNC-TMC Case Competition with 34 teams and 141 participants with over 44 institutions represented worldwide. This was a huge undertaking and we hope to continue nurturing similar collaborations with consulting clubs nationwide. Our Community division held two socials this year to engage our members and build lasting relationships. In case you missed them, look out for future social announcements! We will also be hosting networking events with local consulting firms-- a great opportunity to meet and mingle with consultants. Finally, our Finance and Marketing Teams have been hard at work and recently secured  sponsorships from Health Advances, LEK and Molekule Consulting. 

Finally, we are excited to announce that Oscar Truong, who now holds a Bain consulting offer, will be retiring as our Senior Advisor, and Xinye Qian will be transitioning to be a Senior Vice President. 


Through these endeavors, many of our executive team and training members have secured consulting offers and internships during the first half of this year. I want to congratulate you all for your achievements and know that the combined knowledge will further prepare our members. We are always thrilled to engage with motivated, driven and passionate advanced degree students to join our efforts. Join us and build your career in consulting! 


Mayuri Patel, President 

Oscar Truong, Senior Vice President

Matt Dysthe, Senior Vice President

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 3.00.17 PM.png

Mayuri Patel



Oscar Truong

Senior Vice President


Matt Dysthe

Senior Vice President

Qian, Xinye.203092_edited.jpg

Xinye Qian

Vice President


The 2022 Duke-UNC-TMC Case Competition came to an end with huge success! The competition was a joint venture of the APD Consulting Club at Duke, the Graduate Business & Consulting Club at UNC-Chapel Hill, and CCTMC. The judging panel included more than 40 experienced consultants from premier consulting firms, including McKinsey & Company, BCG, Bain & Company, L.E.K., ClearView Healthcare Partners, and many others. A total of 34 teams formed by 141 participants from 44 institutes globally competed to solve a healthcare-related business problem provided by Triangle Insights Group, a consulting firm based in Durham, North Carolina. The top 3 teams won life-long access to materials from case prep websites and private networking sessions with consultants. Furthermore, the winning team - three scientists and an accountant won first-round interviews for a full-time position with the firm!


Lauren Cheng

 Vice President




The Community is committed to bringing our members together. Early this year we launched our case practice platform “CASE CAMP”, and we are glad to have continued interest from our members to participate in casing with us. We also organized the first social event since the pandemic this spring to bond and celebrate our executive members’ achievements. And we later planned another summer social open to the general members. Our division also strives to facilitate the understanding of consulting on cultural aspects. This spring we organized a roundtable with BCG consultants to discuss what diversity means and consulting firms’ initiatives in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Ye Zhu

Vice President


After closing the 3 client-facing projects in Spring 2022, the Agency has just staffed and trained members for 3 new projects, all in different fields: competitive landscape analysis for a security software company; competitive landscape analysis for a medtech startup; and advising a client on the business model and additional revenue stream exploration. Each team consists of 5-6 consultants led by an experienced project manager. The three projects have been progressing and will be concluded in early July. Our next recruitment for more client-facing projects will be in the fall. Please join us if you want to experience what it’s like to be a real consultant!

The Education division strives to provide members with resources to develop skills that are necessary for a successful consulting career. During this quarter, we have launched ‘Ace Your Case Interview’ workshops and coffee chats focusing on how to prepare for the case interviews for full-time positions in different consulting firms. The 7 sessions have attracted 400+ registrations. In July, we will host a 2-session ‘Women in Consulting’ Discussion Panel inviting female consultants of different levels from different consulting firms to discuss microaggressions for women consultants, the strength of women leadership, and how to improve awareness and drive changes. More events are under preparation.


Faye Jiang

Vice President

Business Development has been sourcing clients from a variety of exciting backgrounds for our agency projects. We have been able to set up projects with cutting- edge start-up companies around the US. CCTMC club members will be doing vital market research, competitive analysis, and pricing strategy work for clients coming up over the summer.We have also been active in various Houston start-up hubs such as the Ion, GreenTown Labs, and Halliburton Labs, expanding our client reach and showcasing all that our members have to offer! We are looking forward to the possibilities the rest of the year will hold for the Agency division!

Business Development
Paveskovic, Matea copy_edited_edited.jpg

Matea Paveskovic

Vice President

Finance & Marketing
IMG_6363 2_edited.jpg

Cheryl Jiang

Vice President


The Finance & Marketing Division handles the finances and 

manages publicity for our various events and recruitment opportunities. This quarter we worked with the education division to publicize our “Ace Your Case Interview” workshops and achieved a more than 50% increase in member attendance rate. In addition, we launched a social media campaign in collaboration with the MD-Anderson/UT-Health graduate school to increase students’ interest in consulting. We are also excited to announce that we successfully acquired Health Advances as an annual sponsor.

The CCTMC Connect will also feature an informational article that can help you prepare for our upcoming case competition, and an exciting crossword that you can fill in to enter our raffle!



If you are a member interested in engaging with any CCTMC division, please fill out this form. Engagement opportunities range from division and time of year but we are always excited to incorporate our members into opportunities that help grow our organization! 

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