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Hear from each division about their updates from the past quarter

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Oscar Truong

Senior Vice President

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Mayuri Patel



Matt Dysthe

Senior Vice President


Lauren Cheng

 Vice President




Since the creation of this new division, our members are taking advantage of networking opportunities organized by our team to get to know recruiters on a first name basis and learn the daily responsibilities of consultants. This year, we hosted networking socials with Mercury Data Science and organized CCTMC Club socials. Here, our members have had the chance to establish close relationships with other candidates in the same stage of the recruiting process. This has been the perfect place to find partners for case practicing and get nuggets of career development advice. In the next year we plan to expand our partnership with consulting firms to give our candidates more recruiting avenues along with expanding our alumni involvement.


Ye Zhu

Vice President


The Agency has successfully staffed and trained members for 4 client-facing projects: market research and competitive landscape analysis for an innovative wind turbine company; organizational design and funding opportunity search for a non-profit (2 projects); and advising a pharmaceutical startup on the optimal path for FDA approval. Each team consists of 6 consultants led by an experienced project manager. The three projects have been progressing and will be concluded in early November. We will be recruiting for more client-facing projects at the beginning of 2023. Please join us if you want to experience what it’s like to be a real consultant!

The Education Division provides content and resources for club members to learn more about consulting work and develop skills necessary for a career in consulting. This cycle, we focused our attention on holding a two-part series on the topic of Women in Consulting. During the discussion panel, we spoke on how to improve and build an equal and inclusive workplace for women in consulting. We were joined by female consultants/associates from Bain & Company, BCG, McKinsey, L.E.K, IQVIA, and Health Advances. These discussion panels, in collaboration with ten other consulting clubs across the U.S., averaged 100+ attendees—one of the highest attendances within the past several years. In addition, we also held a workshop with students who received offers from Bain & Company, BCG, and McKinsey to hear their experience and advice on the recruitment process. We are constantly seeking feedback on our educational content. Please feel free to reach out on how we can help you navigate as you prepare for a career in consulting!


Faye Jiang

Vice President

CCTMC has four ongoing projects during our fall cycle. Our clients include a Texas Medical Center-based pharmaceutical start-up, a local non-profit that works with victims of human trafficking, and a company designing innovative wind turbine technology. We have also just completed our summer cycle, which likewise consisted of four diverse projects, ranging from working with a mining startup, a local museum, and a software security startup. With these and earlier projects, this year is shaping up to be the most productive one yet for both Business Development and Agency!

If you know a company or an organization that would benefit from a CCTMC project, please reach out!

Business Development
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Matea Paveskovic

Vice President

Finance & Marketing
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Cheryl Jiang

Vice President


The Finance & Marketing Division handles the finances and manages publicity for our various events and recruitment opportunities. This quarter we worked with the education division to publicize our “Mercury Data Science“ workshops and social. In addition, we have acquired a 20% discount coupon from Case Coach for all our members. We are now coordinating the recruitment for our executive team for the next academic year. Stay tuned for more information!

The CCTMC Connect features an informational article about our "Women in Consulting" two-part seminar series and an interview with consultant Pedro Martinez-Berrios. Enjoy our Crossword puzzle for a chance to win a $50 gift card. 



If you are a member interested in engaging with any CCTMC division, please fill out this form. Engagement opportunities range from division and time of year but we are always excited to incorporate our members into opportunities that help grow our organization! 

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