CCTMC Connect

Spring 2022

Welcome to the CCTMC Connect, a publication by the Consulting Club of the Texas Medical Center. The Connect showcases our distinguished alumni, recaps past and highlights ongoing projects, and spotlights industry leading consulting firms from a personal perspective. The Connect serves as a resources for advance degree candidates to explore the career of management consulting. 

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To the CCTMC Community,

To the CCTMC Community, 


The Consulting Club at Texas Medical Center is pleased to announce the first issue of CCTMC connect for 2022. This year we plan on adding exciting new sections to the CCTMC Connect newsletter to make it a source of information for everything related to consulting, curated with an advanced degree audience in mind. 


Please join me in congratulating the External Division for their amazing efforts in launching the 2022 Case competition in conjunction with the consulting clubs at Duke and UNC. It is our largest case competition to date. Our newest division, Community, aspires to make us a the hub for members to connect with each other and we started this by launching CASE CAMP. The Education team continues its excellent efforts of providing preparation material for consulting with their 3 part Break into Consulting series and 6 part Case Training series. The Agency team has successfully staffed and trained members for three projects. The Business Development team is engaging with several exciting new clients for Agency projects and we hope to extend the number of projects. The Finance and Marketing Division continues to be the source of information for current and prospective CCTMC members and we hope to increase our members’ interest in consulting throughout the year. 


In this issue, we have an exclusive and exciting interview with one of our past members who recently received a full-time consulting offer from BCG. We also have an informational article that can help you prepare for our upcoming case competition, and an exciting crossword that you can fill in to enter our raffle to win $50!


Dibya Mishra and Neethu Pottackal

CCTMC Connect Team


Cheryl Jiang

VP, Finance and Marketing



  • 380+ active members 

  • 119+ paying members 

  • Over seven TMC institutions represented 

  • Three ongoing agency projects

In this issue: 


Consulting Corner highlights a diverse array of management consulting firms through interview with current consultants or offer holders. Get a personal perspective on company culture, the recruitment process, and career progression. 

This issue we interview Carlo Cristobal, a Baylor College of Medicine PhD student who holds an offer from BCG, one of the top 3 consulting firms in the world. Join us as we chat with Carlo on his experiences transitioning from academia to consulting and his advice on how to get a top consulting offer.


With our annual case competition coming up, industry overview provides tips on how to win a case competition and complete a rigorous industry analysis in a case competition. If you are currently participating in a case competition or are planning on joining one, please take a look and try out our suggestions! 


Division Outlook recaps recent updates from each of our six divisions:, Externals, Community, Education, Agency, Business Development, and Finance and Marketing . Find out what we've been up to and hear about upcoming opportunities to join as we build the future of CCTMC.


How good is your knowledge of business and consulting-related keywords? Try out our new crossword and see if you can get the correct answers. Submit your crossword solution for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card!


The Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center is non-profit organization for advanced degree candidates (MD, PhD, and Postdoctoral Fellows) that are interested in management consulting. We aim to train the brightest minds in the biomedical sciences to transition from academia to careers in management consulting. 


Our team expertly curates a collection of programs designed to hone the business acumen of our members. We also host an array of networking sessions, panel discussions, and training sessions to rigorously prepare our members for the management consulting recruitment process.