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CCTMC Connect

Fall 2021

Welcome to the CCTMC Connect, a publication by the Consulting Club of the Texas Medical Center. The Connect showcases our distinguished alumni, recaps past and highlights ongoing projects, and spotlights industry leading consulting firms from a personal perspective. The Connect serves as a resources for advance degree candidates to explore the career of management consulting. 

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To the CCTMC Community,

Welcome to our Fall 2021 quarterly publication. The third quarter for our CCTMC community was busy for all of us. Agency ramped up projects with many exciting engagements for our members to make an impact on our business community. Education had several exciting workshops that highlighted transferable skills for students to utilize in future management consulting careers. Notably, we had Samir Kapur, managing director and partner of the BCG Houston office come speak to our members about his personal experiences in consulting. 

In this issue of the CCTMC we have an exciting interview with a consultant at ZS to give you a personal take on the firm. Curious about life after management consulting? In our new column, we interview Manu and how he transformed his career after working at McKinsey. Finally, catch up on the latest activities of CCTMC and hear directly from each VP in our Division Outlook. 

As always, we hope that the information provided here is valuable and helps you as you explore the consulting career. 


Oscar Truong

Editor, CCTMC Connect

Vice President,  CCTMC Finance and Operations

Matt Dysthe 

Editor, CCTMC Connect

Assistant Vice President, CCTMC Finance and Operations

Adam Howard

Associate Editor, CCTMC Connect



  • 360+ active members 

  • 65+ paying members 

  • Over seven TMC institutions represented 

  • Five ongoing agency projects

In this issue: 


Consulting Corner highlights a diverse array of management consulting firms by interview with a current consultant. Get a personal perspective on company culture, the recruitment process, and career progression. 

This issue we highlight ZS and interview Jedediah Seltzer, an associate consultant. Join us as we chat with Jed on his experiences transitioning from academia to consulting and why he chose ZS. 


Management consulting provides a fantastic platform for ADCs to jumpstart their business careers. Learn about the diverse opportunities available to consultants and where some have gone. 


Division Outlook recaps recent updates from each of our three divisions, Finance and Operations, Education, and Agency. Find out what we've been up to and hear about upcoming opportunities to join as we build the future of CCTMC!


Education Explorer is a membership driven column where CCTMC members produce an educational piece for publication. Learn about an industry, a solved case, or a distilled topic. 


The Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center is non-profit organization for advanced degree candidates (MD, PhD, and Postdoctoral Fellows) that are interested in management consulting. We aim to train the brightest minds in the biomedical sciences to transition from academia to careers in management consulting. 


Our team expertly curates a collection of programs designed to hone the business acumen of our members. We also host an array of networking sessions, panel discussions, and training sessions to rigorously prepare our members for the management consulting recruitment process.

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