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CCTMC Connect

Summer 2023

Welcome to the CCTMC Connect, a publication by the Consulting Club of the Texas Medical Center. The Connect showcases our distinguished alumni, recaps past and highlights ongoing projects, and spotlights industry leading consulting firms from a personal perspective. The Connect serves as a resources for advance degree candidates to explore the career of management consulting. 

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To the CCTMC Community,

To the CCTMC community, 


We are pleased to announce the first issue of the 2023 CCTMC Connect. This first quarter has been very busy and very productive! Each division has worked together to bring some exciting events to our members. 

  • Our education team hosted two seminars with case coach Peter K to better equip members with tips on acing the case interview as well as tips for case math. Education also hosted a week long Case Camp to help prepare our members to become consultants. 

  • Our community team has been hard at work to host networking opportunities with current consults as well as members in the community who want to do consulting. Our agency team has finished two client-facing projects providing opportunities for our members to work on real-life consulting opportunities. 

  • Our business development team is working on recruiting more clients for agency projects, which means more opportunities for you in the future. Additionally, they are working on a partnership with TAMU to broaden our ability to work on energy related projects. More to come on those soon! 

  • Finally, our external affairs team successfully hosted the 2023 Duke-UNC-TMC National Case Competition. This case competition brought in 29 team applications, judges from premier consulting firms and included three educational workshops for participants to learn about all aspects of consulting. 


Additionally, we at the finance and marketing branch have restructured our membership tier and added an additional benefit, the option to purchase casecoach, to our resource package for a reduced fee (which you can access here after purchasing our resource package: We’ve also been hard at work to create a weekly Monday newsletter which consolidates information about all upcoming events both internal and external to make sure things are easier to find (and we don’t spam your email too much!).


In this issue we have an interview with Apoorv Gupta, a partner at BCG. He describes their progression from consultant to partner at BCG as well as what life is like working as a consultant across the globe. We also include a recap of the seminar with Peter K on case math as well as an example of how to solve case math. If you missed the seminar and want to watch the full thing, be sure to subscribe to our resource package as all our previous seminars are available. 


As always, we hope that the information provided here is valuable and helps you as you explore the consulting career. 


Dibya Mishra 

CCTMC Connect Editor


Caitlynn Barrows

VP, Finance and Marketing



  • 400+ active members 

  • 120+ paying members 

  • Over eight TMC institutions represented 

  • Three ongoing agency projects

In this issue: 


Consulting Corner highlights a diverse array of management consulting firms through interviews with current consultants or offer holders. Get a personal perspective on company culture, the recruitment process, and career progression.

In this issue, we interview Prerana Pradhan, a senior manager at Accenture, a top management consulting firm. Join us as we chat with Prerana, to learn about her transition from tech consulting to management consulting, the culture at Accenture, and how to rise the ranks as a senior manager.


The industry overview will continue the article from the last issue and provide tips on how to win a case competition and complete a rigorous industry analysis in a case competition. If you are currently participating in a case competition or are planning on joining one, please take a look and try out our suggestions!


Division Outlook recaps recent updates from each of our six divisions::, Externals, Community, Education, Agency, Business Development, and Finance and Marketing . Find out what we've been up to and hear about upcoming opportunities to join as we build the future of CCTMC.


How good is your knowledge of case interview-related keywords? Try out our new crossword and see if you can get the correct answers. Submit the answer for at least 10 words for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card!



Did you miss some of our case interview workshops? Do you want to read a quick recap of the workshops? Take a look at our one-page case interview cheat sheet to learn how to prepare for a case interview!


The Consulting Club at the Texas Medical Center is non-profit organization for advanced degree candidates (MD, PhD, and Postdoctoral Fellows) that are interested in management consulting. We aim to train the brightest minds in the biomedical sciences to transition from academia to careers in management consulting. 


Our team expertly curates a collection of programs designed to hone the business acumen of our members. We also host an array of networking sessions, panel discussions, and training sessions to rigorously prepare our members for the management consulting recruitment process.

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